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WV Training - Greenville, IL
Thursday, December 14, 2017, 08:00am - 05:00pm
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This training is mandatory to purchase and install the new variable speed water to water units that were released in November, 2017. 


The attendee will learn about design and applications for Enertech’s new variable speed water to water units. Complete explanations of the unique features of this product and how to apply them, will give those in attendance the tools needed to insure proper application and installation. “Feet of head” and “pressure drop” measurements will be discussed and applied, in order to select the proper source side pump and verify that the load side variable speed pump will meet system performance requirements. Domestic hot water generation, radiant heating and air handlers will be discussed. Zoning controls strategy will be explained and review of the actual heat pump controller, control boards and on-board diagnostic procedures will also be included. Learn how this state of the art unit and simplified installation can separate you from your competition.


Our training will be offered to you at NO COST, however your travel, booking and accommodations will be your responsibility.    This training will not be brand specific, so dealers, distributors and distributor-dealers are all welcome.

Location Enertech Global Corporate Headquarters - Greenville, IL 62246
Reservations at the Super 8 in Greenville, IL will offer you a special, discounted rate if you mention that you are a guest of Enertech. Their number is 618-664-0800.